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What People Are Saying

In these poems, the personal mingles fluently with the historic, the mundane with the canonized. Myth meets household hint. Violence and sadness argue themselves in and out of luck. Generations remake each other in intensities… The poems of You Look Nice Strange Man are a lucky chance to listen in on the long conversation between what is, what was, what is to come.

— Angela Ball

In her first book of poetry, Jaimee Kuperman brings us back to the power and pleasure of voice; these poems have a lot to tell us — important, strange, funny, moving things–and they speak in voices that are at once humble and dauntless, serious and off-kilter, composed and full of surprises. You Look Strange Nice Man is a delight.

— David Ebenbach

Whatever we hope it means to be known, however we find ways to try to know, what Kuperman’s poems are doing is saying that always love is involved. These are beautiful poems realized with spirit and serious attention to human ways.

–Dara Wier

Jaimee Kuperman’s poems, both wise and playful, are a pleasure to read. You Look Nice Strange Man is evocative, inventive and surprising.

–Tova Mirvis